Five o´clock shadows started as a result of the invitation to participate in Five thousand Generations of birds. The group consists of the artists Jørund Fjøsne, Leif Hedman and musician Helge Haaland, all with a local connection to the Fitjar Islands. Five o´clock shadows refers to beard stubble that is visible late in the day, on men who have shaved their faces that morning.

This is Five o´clock shadows first collaboration. The group has a great love for the sea and the islands in Fitjar, referring to the landscape as their playground. Their project is inspired by the Nordic coastal culture, with fishing and agriculture, and naked nature as their scene. Their work will be displayed in a bay, in the south of Smedholmen.

five o'clock five o'clock

"Vassverket" (a composition of light, sound and water.) A collaboration between Fjøsne and Haaland. Tveitafossen, Fitjar (2000)

Excerpt from "Vassverket" by Helge Haaland

five o'clock

Leif Hedman. From outdoor studio, wooden sculpture (2010)

five o'clock

"Papir" by Jørund Fjøsne. Sound: Knut Waage. (2009)